Learn about How to earn from YouTube 2023

Today, through this article, I will tell you how to earn from YouTube. If you want to make it from home through the video platform YouTube, this article will help you. Take time to read the complete article on how to earn from YouTube.

Although there are many how to earn from YouTube, I will share some popular means you can effectively make from YouTube. If you want to earn money online, this way will significantly help you.

You will notice that thousands of YouTubers in the country and abroad have built their careers through the YouTube platform. He even made himself famous. So why would you stop? You, too, can start making YouTube videos with your experience and patience.

1. Some of the products required for YouTube work

অনলাইনে ইনকাম করার উপায়
To know how to earn from YouTube, you must first select some products to work with. Of course, you have to invest some money to buy these products. Before starting any work, the necessary things must be managed. Only then will the outcome be beautiful and successful.

A good quality smartphone or (DSLR) camera, lighting setup, and a good microphone for sound voice recording are mandatory for making videos on YouTube. If you have these necessary tools, the interest in making regular videos will come from you. If you have these products set up, you can regularly research and create videos.

This process must be adopted at the beginning of how to earn from YouTube. Before starting any work, you must manage the necessary products or tools. This will get you interested in publishing videos on YouTube regularly. There are thousands of YouTubers online who put their best effort into creating content, and you should do the same.

2. Unique content needs to be recharged

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
If you want to know how to earn from YouTube, then the content idea is the most crucial topic. You can’t expect more people to watch your video if you copy someone else’s video on their topic without taking the content idea. You will have competitors on every platform, so you have to try to do something unique.

Creating unique content needs to be recharged regularly. You need to understand what your audience deserves from you and create content in that context. Analysis should see how often your audience watches or searches your videos with which keywords.

Google has numerous tools for getting new content ideas; you can generate new content ideas through these tools. The content will be so unique that no one else has already published such content. You will always be trying to create something new, and your audience will be encouraged by your new things, and they will support you to move forward.

3. Regular video upload schedule

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
If you only make videos and upload them, your audience will not watch your videos. A specific time should be selected, and the video should be released at that particular time every day/week. By publishing videos at specific times, your audience will wait for your videos. Or keep looking for your videos at that time.

If you want to know how to earn from YouTube, you must know these things. Building your YouTube career may take a long time if you must be aware of these things. Your scheduled time can be from (8:00 PM – 9:00 PM). Currently, everyone is using mobile phones or sleeping with mobile phones.

Just try your best to upload videos regularly at specific times. And must upload regular videos. Your audience will give you feedback on the quality of the video. By uploading videos regularly, you can reach your audience. This is one of the most important how to earn from YouTube.

4. Video and audio quality improvement

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
In addition to knowing how to earn from YouTube, you made videos regularly, maintained time, and uploaded videos, but your videos need to be getting views. I can’t please them. And I wouldn’t say I like your video quality and audio quality. That’s why they ignore your video.

Arrange for a good quality camera and microphone for video and audio quality. Do your best to keep the video clear and your voice clear. This will help the audience to understand your words easily and watch your videos more clearly. You can upload (4k) videos on YouTube; try to give your video resolution as high as possible.

Your resolution depends on what type of video you are making. You have often created a tutorial, but the answer needs to be higher, so your audience can easily see the topics in the desired tutorial. As a result, the audience ignores the video. For this reason, the quality of audio and video should be monitored.

5. Video Thumbnail Marketing

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
Do you know when a video is viral? When an attractive thumbnail is used in that video. It would help if you used a thumbnail that looks attractive. This will compel your audience to click on your video. You will see that most of the popular YouTubers put a lot of emphasis on creating their thumbnails.

If you know how to earn from YouTube, you must focus more on creating video thumbnails. And it takes a minimum of 5-8 hours to create a thumbnail. However, never create thumbnails with topics that are not in the video. This will result in a strike on your video for breaking community guidelines or rules.

Create an attractive and attractive thumbnail with only the contents of the video—YouTube video thumbnail size (1280*720) pixels. Save your thumbnail under 2MB. Create an attractive thumbnail of the highest quality, and if necessary, you can take ideas from online. In this case, there must be an attempt to create something new and unique.

6. How about the video title, description, and category?

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
If you do all the abovementioned things but do not focus on the video title and description, your video will not reach the right audience. You will present the video title more attractively and get the right audience. In this case, you can do keyword research for the video title.

If you want, you can search online for which keyword is best to title your video. Or what keywords people search on YouTube. You can create videos with a keyword (keywords) that people search a lot on YouTube or start your video title. At the same time, no link can be given in the video description (Unknow) or spamming. Edit the information text in the video title and description.

Along with how to earn from YouTube, the category should be more critical. You must select the correct category in the video category. In this case, if someone searches based on the type, or else your video will reach him. If you blog videos, select a separate category for each video. Also, research the footage and put a tag.

7. YouTube Monetization Terms

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
YouTube’s monetization requirement is that your channel must have 1,000 members (subscribers). And must have 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months. That means your audience should watch your videos for 4,000 hours in the previous year; only then can you monetize your channel.

You will try to share your videos on different social media or earn more watch time and views on videos by sharing them on popular platforms. You can earn not only by getting monetized. Also, your channel should have an active audience, and efforts should be made to get people to watch your videos.

Then you can apply for a YouTube partnership through a Google AdSense account. Getting a YouTube partnership will allow your videos to show ads from YouTube. And YouTube will pay you dollars through these ads. And through this dollar, you will be able to earn. You need to know about YouTube Monetization terms to understand how to earn from YouTube.

8. Local sponsors on YouTube videos

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
This is one of the how to earn from YouTube. If you work on YouTube targeting a Bangladeshi audience, then YouTube may not provide you with the desired dollars. For that, you need to get a local sponsor. That is, which company should be promoted?

A company will let you promote their product or their company only when you can deliver their ad to their specific audience. That means your audience and theirs will be the same. That’s why enough subscribers on your channel are mandatory. May be minimum (100K Subscribe) should be there.

If you want to know how to earn from YouTube, you must keep these things on a good note. By reviewing the company’s products, you can make a certain amount of money from the company. On top of the money you earn through the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll get more from local sponsors if you can get their ads to their desired audiences.

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9. Ways to make money with affiliate marketing

You can earn money with affiliate marketing if you have a good YouTube channel and enough ordinances. Affiliate marketing is one of the how to earn from YouTube. For example, by reviewing the products of others, you can get a specific commission by increasing the sales of those products.

It may be Amazon products or various Bangladeshi e-commerce companies; you can also earn from this commission by doing their affiliate marketing. This commission can be up to 50%. If you get 50% from a product, how much money can you get if this product is sold 100 times?

Learn more about affiliate marketing to learn how to earn from YouTube. Because this affiliate marketing will help you make a certain amount of money. Those who regularly create videos on YouTube can’t earn money from YouTube’s partner program, but they can reach their desired income through local sponsorship and affiliate marketing. Likewise, if you can retain your audience, you can contact your desired destination quickly.

10. YouTube channel security

ইউটিউব থেকে ইনকাম করার উপায়
YouTube channels should provide strong security. Your favorite track may only be recovered if you secure the channel tightly. As the way to earn from YouTube is as important as the deposit is essential, some unscrupulous people are targeting big media to satisfy their desires nowadays. You must protect the channel if you want to avoid reading their list.

Make sure your audience gets all the correct information from you. Make sure to avoid mistakes in knowing how to earn from YouTube. Many times, because your channel is controlled by someone else, that person is giving your audience the wrong information or something your audience does not want, thereby irritating your audience. Or unsubscribe from your channel.

Above all, keep this in mind so that your channel access does not end up in any way. Analyze regularly. Give top priority to security so that you can reach your desired destination.

One last word on how to earn from YouTube

If you stick to YouTube with patience and time, then the popularity of YouTube will attract you. Must have proper knowledge about how to earn from YouTube. With appropriate knowledge, you can do something, even if you work for a long time on YouTube.

Above all, be patient and stick to YouTube inshallah; something good awaits you. Don’t give up after a few days of making videos. You have to be patient; patience is the only way to reach your desired income from YouTube at some point. Click here to learn how to earn online from home.

If you know about how to earn from YouTube, please share your comment in the comment box. Also, let us know which category you are interested in working on YouTube, and we will help you with other tips.

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