Learn about the top 6 Android Mobile Tips

Android Mobile Tips: Very few people do not use Android phones. The popularity of Android phones is increasing day by day. Android phones are now available to almost everyone as Android phones are available at low prices.

The older Android mobiles get, the slower they become. But you can make your slow smartphone faster by knowing Android mobile tips.

Everyone uses Android mobile, but we know very less about Android mobile tips. In today’s article, we will share with you Android mobile tips. If you are using Android mobile, then you should know.

Below is the Android Mobile Tips article. We will tell about the best 06 tips –

1. What to do if the phone is running out of charge quickly

To talk about Android mobile tips, we first have to talk about smartphone charging. As the phone ages, the charging capacity decreases. If your smartphone runs out of charge quickly, these Android mobile tips are for you.

Mobile charges are usually reduced by phone display refresh rate and background running apps. Current phones use 90-120 refresh rates. Which is most convenient, but the charge runs out very quickly.

If you want to keep the charge on the smartphone, do not give the screen refresh rate of more than 60. This will keep your phone charged for a long time. Always close recent mobile apps. Then your phone will have more charge time than before.

2. What to do when the Android mobile is hot

Mobile overheating is one of the biggest problems nowadays. There are many reasons for mobile phones to heat up. If your phone is overheating due to playing games, lower the graphics resolution completely.

Among the Android mobile tips, keeping the phone cool is not to use the mobile excessively. Please do not use the smartphone while it is charging. If the phone starts getting hot without using the phone, then the processor of the phone should be changed.

3. Take photos at night, like during the day

This is one of the best Android mobile tips. It is currently the most viral topic. You can take night and day pictures with your Android mobile. Mobile will have pictures like DSL.

You need to use an app to make night and day photos. The name of the app is – Gcam. It should be downloaded and installed according to your phone model.

Some phones may not support it. Please enter your phone’s name and model number and search on Google whether it supports GCAM or not. If supported, you can download and use Gcam through Google.

4. Android mobile root

One of the Android mobile tips is rooting the mobile. Rooting your mobile gives you many benefits. In particular, you can change the stock ROM of your phone.

Apart from this, the root phone must use many types of apps. If you want to root your smartphone, you can do it with the “Kingoroot” application. But not all phones can be rooted with the app; in this case, you must use a computer.

5. Computer control with Android phone

This is one of the most useful Android mobile tips. No matter where your computer is, you can use an app to control your computer from anywhere in the world with just your Android mobile.

You need to install “Anydesk” software on your phone from the play store. “Anydesk” software must also be installed on the PC you connect to. Open the app, and you will see an address.

If you want to control the mobile from the computer, you have to write the address of the mobile in “Remote Address” from the computer; if you want to control the computer from the mobile, then you can connect it by writing the computer’s address. However, the internet speed must be good.

6. Use mouse and keyboard on mobile

You can use a mouse and keyboard like a computer with a mobile. Many people want to learn to type but need a computer. But you can do this with your phone if you want. For this, you will need –

  • USB hub
  • OTG cable
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard

First, check if your phone supports OTG or not. Connect OTG cable if supported. After that, you can use it like a computer if you add a mouse and keyboard to the USB hub.

Invented the smartphone

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. But who invented the world’s first smartphone? Many of us do not know about it. Although Nikola Tesla has no name behind the invention of the smartphone, his contribution was immense.

Nikola Tesla was the first to express his opinion about the first wireless communication voice system. But it only went a little. But the mobile phone was later discovered through the research of Nikola Tesla.

In 1973 “Martin Cooper” recorded the invention of the first mobile phone. He was a researcher at Motorola Company. However, before Martin Cooper, Motorola invented the portable car phone in 1960, but its popularity could have been higher.

When the Martin Cooper phone was made smaller with the same design, it became popular worldwide. So it is assumed that the record of the first mobile phone invention is “Martin Cooper.”

The cheapest smartphone

I will tell you in this part of the Android mobile tips article if you are looking for a smartphone at the lowest price. Walton company manufactures the cheapest smartphone in the country. Walton company phones are made in our country.

As a result, the price is much lower than phones imported from other countries. If you want to buy a smartphone at a low price, you can check out any of Walton’s phones and buy according to your budget.

Harmful effects of smartphones

Smartphones have made our living standards easier, but they are also detrimental to our lives. As a result of using smartphones for a long time, it creates various health risks in the body.

Due to the excessive use of mobile phones, human depression increases. On the one hand, such smartphone addiction leads to huge amounts of waste; on the other hand, it destroys human health.

One of the best tips in the Android Mobile Tips article is – Only use your smartphone if needed. Don’t let your human well-being be destroyed for sick entertainment.

How to find a good smartphone

Everyone wants to buy a good smartphone. However, many people cannot buy a good mobile phone due to a lack of experience or not knowing how to recognize a good smartphone. In this part of the Android Mobile Tips article, we will discuss the ways to find a good smartphone –

Brand: Brand is very important for a good smartphone. Good quality brands will never make cheap smartphones. If you want to buy a good smartphone, even though it is a bit expensive, you must choose a good brand phone.

Display: A good smartphone must have a good display. Where you get a better screen refresh rate; as a result, you can use it without lag. Enjoy watching videos in HD+ quality display.

Performance: One of the most important ways to identify a good smartphone is the performance of the phone. The performance of the phone depends on the RAM, ROM, and processor of the phone. If you choose a good quality processor, the phone will be good. There are many variations of processors which I will write about in a later article. But it would help to keep them in mind while choosing a good phone.

Battery and Charge: You must remember that a good smartphone must have a good-quality battery. Good phones usually have a battery of more than 5000 mAh. More than 15 watts of charging speed is provided.

Smartphone Price: Android mobile tips are among the best smartphone prices. Good smartphones cost a little more. Cheap phones usually start to slow down after a few days of use. In this case, the price should be considered before buying a smartphone.

Android version update

The higher the version of Android, the more benefits are available. You can update the Android version without an official smartphone update only on a rooted phone. Apart from this, it should be updated officially.

Currently, the Android version is running Android 13. If your phone is earlier, then you can root the phone and upgrade the version. However, in this case, your phone may be bricked.

Define Android

To make Android phones faster and fix various bugs, the mobile needs to be constantly updated; these are usually called software updates.

Every mobile comes with stock ROM. Here you have everything, including a launcher for your mobile. If there is any problem, update the phone to the latest version from the phone’s software update option.

Our last words

Android Mobile Tips: In the article, we have shared some important information and tips about mobile. With the tips given here, you can make your phone work great. If you like the article, remember to share; thanks.

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